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Spousal Maintenance

Couples negotiating for separation or divorce, or petitioning the family court to obtain spousal support, may consider whether there is a need for spousal maintenance (also called “spousal support” or “alimony”).

Calculating Spousal Maintenance

Unlike child support, when establishing the need for spousal maintenance, no formulas are used. Instead, a number of significant determining factors are considered, including:

  • the family’s standard of living
  • duration of the marriage
  • and the health and ages of both parties

Also considered are:

  • current and future earning capacities
  • how marital assets have been divided
  • and who is providing childcare and housing for unemancipated children.

If spousal maintenance becomes a consideration in your separation, divorce, or marriage, your Fuchs & Eichen attorneys will work with you to establish the impact of these and other relevant factors, Including the tax consequences of a potential spousal maintenance order. With Fuchs & Eichen’s assistance, you will be prepared to identify whether and how much spousal maintenance is appropriate In your circumstances.