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Child Custody

Child Custody & Visitation

As a parent, you’re concerned with making the best decisions possible for the future of your children. When undergoing the stress of a divorce or separation or establishing guidelines in non-traditional family structures, you need the understanding and assistance of an experienced attorney to support and guide you. Fuchs and Eichen’s attorneys will help facilitate good decisions for your children’s happiness, health, and security.

Fuchs and Eichen will describe and inform you regarding both parties’ rights and responsibilities concerning child custody and visitation. These matters cover, but aren’t limited to, childcare, living arrangements, parental decision-making, and visitation privileges. We will work with you to decide upon, and petition the court for, the type of child custody most appropriate for you and your children.

At every step in the process, Fuchs and Eichen will work with you to carefully address your specific individual needs and preferences. All this is done to protect you and your children’s rights and well-being.

Grandparents may also have rights with respect to access to children. We can advise you based on your specific circumstances.

Aspects of Child Custody

Child custody incorporates two aspects: Physical Custody and Legal Custody. In some circumstances these aspects are shared, but not always.

Physical Custody

Legal Custody

Concerns childcare, housing, and sometimes visitation.

  • Joint physical custody:
    • The parents share in the responsibility for providing childcare and housing.
    • The children live in both parents’ residences in accordance with a schedule ordered by the court, or agreed upon by the parents.
  • Sole physical custody:
    • The custodial parent provides childcare and housing.
    • The non-custodial parent may be awarded visitation privileges and and access.
Concerns parental decision-making responsibilities and privileges, and access to the children’s protected information.

  • Joint legal custody:
    • The parents may work together to make decisions regarding each child’s health, education, and welfare.
  • Sole legal custody:
    • The primary parent has exclusive decision-making authority.

Visitation/ Access

Whether custody is joint, sole or some hybrid, an access schedule for the children must be arranged. This should include all holidays, and school and summer vacation periods in addition to regular weekly and weekend access.

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