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Appellate Advocacy for New York Family Law Matters

At Fuchs & Eichen we have a history of success with appeals. You can rely on our demonstrated proficiency with litigation and many years of combined experience with matrimonial, family, and appellate law. This enables us to:

  • Establish whether it is in your best interests to file an appeal
  • Advise you how to respond to your spouse’s threats to appeal
  • Preserve the record in the lower court appeal (if your divorce or family court action is still at the trial level)

What is an appeal?

Sometimes the best way to proceed when the results achieved at trial are less than satisfactory is an appeal. This is a legal process through which the actions or decisions of one court are reviewed by a higher “appellate” court. An appeal may address many aspects of a court order or judgment. In matrimonial or family law, appeals may be requested when judicial orders have an unsatisfactory outcome, including orders for spousal maintenance, child custody, child support, or visitation.

If you are facing an appeal, or deciding whether to appeal, Charna Fuchs and Linda Eichen will use their experience with matrimonial, family, and appellate law to support and guide you. We will also assess whether the appeal may lead towards an outcome that you find favorable and if the outcome is equal to or exceeds the cost of the appellate process.

Time is of the Essence

Under New York State law, your notice of appeal must be filed in a timely manner.