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An alternative to litigation

Mediation is a highly regarded, legal method of resolving family law disputes in a practical manner. Meeting with both spouses sets the pattern for how the mediation process works. Ultimately, we want to develop a plan for both spouses concerning where they are going to live and how much they will need to pay their bills while taking into consideration the available family resources. This enables your family to set out their new financial and family structure without the uncertainty of a court imposed solution. This approach can also be an emotionally and cost effective avenue to resolve a marital or family law issue or dispute

Achieve Cooperative Consensus

We have the training, experience, and knowledge needed to manage and combine techniques for facilitating dialogue, and resolving differences between partners. Your Fuchs and Eichen mediator will work from a solid base of training and negotiation expertise to provide the careful guidance you need to resolve complex issues. Consequently, you’ll be able to achieve consensus on your divorce agreement — without going to court.

As we guide you, you will find mediation provides significant advantages over the traditional divorce process:

  • Gain Control: Participating in a Fuchs and Eichen mediation allows you a greater level of control over your life. With our guidance and techniques for creating a safe environment that facilitates good decision making and planning, you achieve a level of control that you could lose if you relied upon the courts to settle your divorce. Your mediator has the legal expertise to guide both of you through the complexities of creating a legally binding divorce agreement that you’ll be able to accept as mutually beneficial.
  • Reduce Costs: Mediation circumvents many of the problems and costs associated with litigation. Because mediation enables you to choose your own future, you will be less likely to participate in court procedures. A Fuchs and Eichen mediation professional has the skill and experience needed to maximize the chances you’ll achieve satisfying results — even when your circumstances are complicated.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: To ensure that both parties feel free to communicate openly without compromising their legal rights. Any information shared during mediation will be held completely private and confidential, and cannot be used as evidence in court. This foundation of confidentiality is imperative for a successful mediation, because it enables both of you to trust the process and achieve success.
  • Promote Compliance: After the divorce is final, ex-spouses who have participated in mediation are more likely to comply with the terms of the divorce agreement, as they are the authors of their own agreement. A couple will find that, after achieving a jointly mediated resolution, they have developed the skills to address future issues that may arise.

It is essential to understand that when you enter into mediation that you don’t forfeit any of your legal rights or remedies. If, in the event that the mediation process doesn’t result in a satisfactory settlement, either or both of you can continue to enforce your rights by pursuing other legal alternatives.