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Anyone faced with a divorce or change in his/her family structure faces a series of challenging, often painful decisions. Without expert legal advice, the prospect of negotiating an unfamiliar maze of divorce processes can make these difficult decisions seem insurmountable.

Charna Fuchs and Linda Eichen specialize in tackling the complex and thorny issues involved with legal separation and marital dissolution in New York. In fact, together we have more than 50 years of combined experience with New York State Family Laws.

Not only do we have the proficiency, skills, knowledge and expertise one would expect from a seasoned New York State Family Law Attorneys, but we are also 100% committed to listening and hearing what your expressed needs and concerns are with respect to your family. Towards that common goal, we provide empathetic support and understanding along with strategies to help settle your matter, and when needed, we provide vigorous courtroom strategies. Our clients have found this to have a significant effect in reducing the emotional and financial toll associated with divorce proceedings.

We Can Help

We work meticulously and diligently to ensure your needs and goals are identified, respected, and most importantly fulfilled. Our approach includes:

  • Listening to Our Clients: This seems simple enough, but we carefully and fully explore sensitive issues like marital property division, child custody and support, and spousal maintenance with unsurpassed thoroughness.
  • Devising a Solution: Once we’ve reviewed your case, we will present you with a comprehensive, logical, and practical solution based on your specific marital and family circumstances.
  • Successfully Resolving the Situation: We will work with the courts as needed to effectively dissolve the marriage, equitable divide the assets, and protect client and family interests to the fullest extent of New York State Law.

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