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Post-Judgment and Enforcement

At Fuchs and Eichen, we are skilled in modifying and enforcing legal agreements and court judgments.

As life circumstances change after a divorce is final, your family’s needs may change: Employers sometimes require parents to relocate; or you might experience dramatic shifts in your finances. Sometime former spouses become unable, unwilling, or refuse to fulfill their responsibilities as defined by previous agreements and judgments.

If your circumstances change and trigger post-divorce problems, Fuchs and Eichen can assist you, drawing upon their experience and skill in post-judgement proceedings in New York State. Their law practice provides for modification or enforcement of divorce agreements and terms defining child support, child custody, visitation, or spousal maintenance (alimony).

Modification Points

Families frequently require assistance with post-judgment modification and proceedings in the following areas:

  • Child Support: Addressing delinquency, significant changes in status such as remarriage, job loss, promotions, relocation, and other career changes. Other changes include inheritance, or medical expenditures.
  • Child Custody: Agreements and terms may need to be modified to reflect primary residence changes, relocation, educational needs or goals, or a parent with compromised health and physical limitations. At other times issues of child abuse or neglect may arise.
  • Visitation
  • Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)