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Orders of Protection

It is never okay to feel threatened or intimidated by a partner or ex-spouse. If you need to discuss various ways to protect yourself or your family, contact Fuchs and Eichen. There’s no reason to wait. Time may be of the essence.

A court order of protection, or restraining order may be necessary to address or limit interactions between parties. In some cases, court orders may be necessary to protect the children’s well-being and safety. Commonly, one person is instructed not to contact, or to stay away from, the other spouse, partner, or their children. If necessary, the court can demand an immediate stop to all contact.


On the day you go to court for an order of protection, if the Judge decides you need one, the Judge  will issue a temporary order of protection. You should wait to pick up a copy of your temporary order of protection and other papers from the clerk after the Judge sees you.

This order will last for only a short period of time. It will not start until your abuser is given a copy of the order and will end on the date when you and your abuser must both come back to court.

On the return date, if your abuser comes to court, this will be his first chance to defend himself in court against what you have said. You must also come back to court on the return date. If you do not, your temporary order will no longer be any good.